The Best Freeware Browser Games on the Internet

With flash and shockwave and the increasing capabilities of browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, in-browser games have progressed much further than the traditional linear casual games we usually had to sit through. A freeware game online is perfect for that sweet little break in between game releases when you're looking for something to satisfy your palate until the time comes. You can also play free casino games in your free time by taking advantage of various promos and deals. This article on the blog can help you minimize your losses, making it more likely that you win money rewards more often.

Drakensang Online

Whether you are a Spell Weaver or a Dragonknight, you will find yourself completely engrossed in this beautifully illustrated game. Each character is provided with a particular set of skills, weapons and magical capabilities which will help you defeat the monsters and dragoons lurking around Anderworld. Public gathering sites help you interact with other players in order to strategize and go for group challenges. You can even compete against each other to see4 who gets the top spot. We are absolute suckers for a good dragon slaying.

Dead Frontier

We never make a list that doesn't have one mention of zombies in it and this is us staying true to tradition. Dead frontier is not just your average run of the mill zombie game though. This unique MMO gives an amazing combination of third person survival with RPG. Whether you're one to camp out in a safe spot beyond the city or will take trouble head on and find yourself a spot within the city, you will not be disappointed. This is the zombie game of the year.


This one is for those who absolutely loved Limbo and is just so beautifully eerie that we just couldn't leave it out. While the two games are incredibly similar, the dreamscapes within this freeware game are so breathtaking that you have to visit them once. The game however is much more than beautiful illustration; you are a boy looking for you lost sister that you can only do by solving a mystery as you go along. Find out just how you ended up in this state of coma. Our love for all things macabre makes this a must-play game of the season.

City of Steam

Set in the industrial age this steampunk themed browser game is an exciting MMORPG developed by Mechanist games. You have 9 races and four classes to select from. Choose a character and lead you people through the game as you join a team to embark on exciting quests and slay the monsters that are unfortunate enough to come in your way.

Games that make it more interesting

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