Great Video Poker Strategy

Video poker is a great game in that, frequently, your decisions influence the game outcome, i.e., whether you win or lose, unlike other casino games where luck seems more a factor than anything else. It thus pays to read through these tips to help you come up with a winning video poker strategy.

Tip # 1: Know your poker hands.

This game allows a player more control than most other slot games, and you need to use that. Poker has basic hands that can be played and not all hands are equal, especially in terms of forming them. Understand this basic rule, and let this guide you in making your decisions.

Tip # 2: Take Advantage of free playing time

Practice, practice, practice - and if you can do it for free, get the most out of that!

Tip # 3: Understand your diverse range of games

There is not just one kind of video poker, and therefore, a winning tactic in one may not necessarily work for another. Keep this in mind and know what works for which game.

Tip # 4: Maximize straights

A winning video poker strategy obviously goes for the better payout, and flushes just have not been able to cut it. If you thus find yourself in a position where you need the same number of cards to complete a flush as to complete a straight, the straight is more often the better option.

Tip # 5: Know your hand options

Video poker is a strategy game highly influenced by your decision-making skills. Put those to work by not just focusing on the hand that you have been dealt. Know the possibilities offered by your hand, and think your game through.

Tip # 6: No need to rush

Split-second decisions work great under certain circumstances, but a well-thought out video poker strategy will take you further. Spend time to observe the hands being dealt, and do not succumb to the temptation to rush the play. Being the strategy game that it is, it would bode well to keep in mind that "haste makes waste".