Liars Poker

Liar's Poker symbolizes an equation that is composed of luck and money. Statistical reasoning and bluffing is required to win the game. Though it is among the many variations of poker, this game is entirely different. Instead of cards, dollar bills are used to play this game. It is very popular in the United States and is often played in bars and casinos. The eight-digit serial numbers of dollar bills represents actual hands. The numbers are placed in order, with the number one as Ace and zeros are Tens. Then numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 maintain the same value respectively. This is somehow similar to liar's dice which is one of the most popular drinking games.

The game starts with the first player calls out a poker hand. Then he will place a bid followed by the next player and so on. The good thing about this game is that players will get to see the numbers on your bill and may use it against you. If the next player has bigger poker hand value than the first one, he can say "call" or accused the latter a liar. If the one who was called a liar can provide an actual hand, the accuser loses the game. The game will end if the player who makes a bid was challenged by everyone around. He can win a dollar from each player when the bidding becomes successful. If not, then he's the one who will pay each player a dollar.

This cash game is very entertaining, however in order to win real cash you should know how to play it well. Professional players know how to interpret win-loss ratio for such time which gives them more edge on winning rather than luck. You will never have to feel gambling remorse if you keep your own rules. This game is really tricky, just have fun and optimize your winnings.