The Most Fun Bar Games

Bars are more than just a place to get some drinks. Most of them offer a good number of games to promote entertainment value and to complement the good times that every customer would like to have. These games help pass the time and allow everyone to socialize with people. Traditional games such as billiards and darts are among the favorites but there are plenty of options that can be found in most bars.

Drinking games are also popular; it's more fun as it involves action. People can have a race and can even win real cash. If you want to join, make sure you have enough money to keep the rounds coming and to stay in the game. Example of this game include sentence mixer, which is perfect for large groups, beer pong which is considered as a competitive drinking sport, peanut races which involves the use of peanuts being dropped in beer glasses and television games which is a famous trivia game among drinkers.

If you are a casino fan, then you might want to spend time playing poker with a group while enjoying a drink. Many pubs have their own poker tournaments wherein participants can win instant cash or prizes. And while you don't want to sit around the whole time, some games that may work for you include board games. Top choices such as Outburst, Clue, Risk and trivial pursuits are just perfect.

If you have visited a pub recently, then this game might be familiar to you. The name of the game is tabletop shuffleboard, it is the same as the shuffleboard played in the pavements. It's objective is to earn a score after knocking off the opponent's puck.