A Compilation of Fun Games to Play When You're Bored

With all the modern technology and electronic distractions easily available to everyone, it seems hard to imagine ever getting bored. But believe it or not, it does happen! So rather than watching another rerun of your favorite sitcom or sleeping until your eyes get all puffy, why don't you go through the list below to find out some fun games to play when you're bored. After all, playing games has been shown to be beneficial to your overall welfare. Also, in activities like these, there may not be any such thing as having too much fun.

If you have always fancied yourself a builder and ruler of your own empire, Galaxy Life is the game for you. It is indeed challenging to construct your own kingdom while fighting off and defending your territory from other creatures.

If you feel the need for speed and have wondered how it is to be Dale Earnhardt, then American Racing is a good choice. This game also allows you to pimp your ride without spending a single cent.

If shooting and war games are more your thing, two fun options are Broforce and Peacekeeper. Broforce takes you back in time and brings back childhood favorites like Terminator, Rambo and Mr. T. Peacekeeper puts you in the middle of war trenches, all within the safety and comfort of your own room. Who wouldn't want that?

However, if your physical inclinations are towards martial arts, the Bouncing Panda Law would be just the game to put you in the mood.

Want to go back to your childhood and unleash the inner bully in you? Then browse through Dad 'n Me and check if you are really as tough as you think.

If you want the competition without the stressful action, explore Bubble Shooter and blast your cares away in colorful bursts.

How about you, why don't you come up with your own list of fun games to play when you're bored?