Boredom Busters On The Road

You and your family are about to set off for a long road trip. And while everyone has an optimistic notion of spending perfect time together, the next few hours on the road will be filled with boredom. The snacks are gone and all you hear are complains. Since you know that this situation is inevitable, it is always good to prepare some sort of entertainment to cheer everyone up. Games in cars might do the trick.

Here are a few options to keep everyone on the go!

1. Rock, Paper and Scissors - This is a classic game that keep people from all ages entertained. Each player will place their hands at their backs; at the count of three all players will say rock, paper, and scissors together. Then each player will display their chosen hand gesture.

2. Name that tune - Is a classic game used to be played on TV game shows. The winner of this game is the one who can guess the mystery song first. Players will sing, hum and whistle a particular song from the given category. It can be from a particular singer, genre or time.

3. Tunnels - This is one of the simplest road trip game, however it is sure to bring lots of laugh. Players will hold their breath at the count of three; the one who can hold the longest is the winner.

4. The Alphabet Game - Everyone knows how to play this game - the players will go through the letters in the alphabet and will pick letters out of words they see around. Only words with at least two instances of one letter are counter. Example: Blueberry.

5. I Spy - This can be played even by preschoolers. The mechanics are simple; one player should look for an object and let other players guess what it is. Each sentence will start with "I spy".

6. Tic Tac Toe - You might need two players and a pencil for this game. One player will place an X on the grid while the other one plots an O. They will take their turn until one player will get three across.

7. Spot the Car - This easy to know game is perfect to be played by teens inside the car. The players will look for different car models. The one who guesses the most wins.

8. Twenty Questions - Another classic yet very entertaining game for travelers. The directions are simple one player will choose an object and everyone will asks questions that are answerable by yes or no. The one who guesses correctly wins.