People watching games dare you to approach a stranger

Intentionally or not, all of us had been people watching. At one time or another, we have allowed ourselves to sit in one place and gaze contently at passersby. This is people watching - a repetitive act of staring and relating at all the people that crosses our vision. Although at times creepy, this can be made more interesting with people watching games.

Name Game

After picking a cozy spot for your people watching, you can now play the name game. Basically, the winner is decided by the most number of people who had responded to a random shouting of names. A point is earned for every person that responds and the first to reach five gets bragging rights. Alternately, if 5 is too short, the winner can be the one who earned most points by the end of the allotted time.

Back Story

Another people watching games example, back story will get your creative juices into overdrive. This is all about giving back stories to the people passing you based on their outfit, hairstyle, facial expression, etc. The criteria for the back story is entirely up to you and your partner. For example, if someone passes by wearing a coat, you can make his back story as something like he just got out of the Dexter's laboratory. It depends on your imagination how you want people's stories to run.

Random Conversations

This example of people watching game is only for the brave. To add excitement to your people watching, start at 20 feet from a busy pathway. You and your partner will alternatively pick a passerby that the other partner will approach. You can earn points if the person approached gives their contact details. Making the game more fun is the disqualification of a point earned if the person approached is in a relationship. In this game, your instinct and ability to read people will help you claim victory over your partner.