Playing Slot Machines

For a light game to play, people tend to choose slot machines. It can be very easy to play as you simply need to spin the reels and make a winning combination to increase your bankroll. Different types of slots can be selected by the players. Bonuses and rewards are plenty in this type of game. Slot fanatics can go to for a list of the recommended slot machines in the gaming world that you can try on.

Slots Rules and Mechanics

Gaming machines usually have 3 or 5 reels waiting for you to spin. Within these reels, several icons can be seen. Your payment deposit will turn into the corresponding credits that you can play. Navigational buttons at the bottom of the screen can be used to change the amount of bet. There are also buttons used to set the number of active pay lines. However, there are some slot machines where in the number of pay line is already fixed and cannot be adjusted. Once everything is set, you can start spinning the reels. An Autoplay option is also available for players who want to automate continuous spins.

In order to win the game, you need to match at least three symbol of a kind in one pay line. There are slots wherein two symbols in a single pay line can also yield prize. You can check the paytable of the game to determine the equivalent amount of each symbol.

The number of reels are also distinct. Simple machines have only three reels and three rows. Meanwhile, others have five reels. Some games even have four sets of reels in one screen. Depending on a player's preference, he or she can select the number of reels which makes them comfortable in playing. This factor may also affect the game you have and the number of betting lines. The higher number of reels may give off higher number of lines where a player can bet on.

Themes of Slot Machines

The collection of slots in the casinos can be overwhelming. Many software providers are creating this game in different themes. The classic ones include fruits and numbers as the symbols, while the latest ones showcase famous movies and characters. Software providers such as Microgaming and Betsoft are known for developing slot machines with amazing themes to play.

The best online casinos offer the biggest collection of themed slots, with the most exciting free spin bonuses. If you prefer playing casino games with great graphics, then you shouldn't miss visiting and try out the best developed online casino games in the gambling industry.

Players who love sports can have slot machines in different sports, while those who love adventures can have Wild West or quests. Travelers may also want to try the slot machines with beautiful sceneries and culture inspired from several countries around the globe. There are Asian theme and European theme that you can play. You may also dive underwater through the water-themed games. Those people who are always curious on history can play the machines designed in ancient Egypt or ancient Rome. Brave souls may also start up horror-themed slot machines. Pet lovers could also check out the animal themed games, while the futuristic people can open the alien-themed slots.

Magical themes are also available for the ladies. You will be surely mesmerized with the interactive and colorful interface of these games. Fairytales are not just in the story book but they are also now found in slot machines. The known characters from these enchanting worlds of fairies and magic are brought to the gaming world. Ladies may also want to see their bestfriend jewelries in the slot machines as there are games inspired by jewels and diamonds. Whatever you prefer, there is a slot machine made for you.

Tips and Tricks in Slots

Before diving head first in playing the slot, you should know how it really works. Slot machine uses random number generator (RNG) to generate the numbers that determine the result of your spin. It is good to note that each spin is an independent event, which means that the previous result has nothing to do with your next spin.

One of the ridiculous myths in playing slots is believing in the zig zag system. This nonsense strategy means finding a pattern in the screen based on the previous result. Again, the outcome of a single spin is solely independent and does not rely on the previous one.

Joining a slots club is a good strategy. It lets you receive exclusive bonuses and rewards dedicated to the club members. Rebates are also given to the players who are in inside the club. Sometimes, the rebates are returned as credits in your bankroll. There are also instances when the rebate is returned as discounts on restaurants, hotels, and other establishments.

It is also recommended to skip the progressive slot machines and choose the one with lower jackpot prize. The probability that you'll hit the progressive jackpot is too small. In addition, this machine tends to pay out less often compared with the non-progressives. Meanwhile, the ones with lower jackpot prize are generous enough to pay out more frequent, which will eventually add up to a big amount.

Slots Rewards and Bonuses

Aside from the welcome bonus that you will receive upon signing up in a casino, players are given several more during the game. Slot machines have lots of free spins to give away. Hitting certain combination can yield around 30 free spins or more. This can be used to earn more cash in your account. Some games allow the chance of re-triggering the free spins.

The gamble option is also present in most slot machines. This is the button used when you want to risk your winnings in the current round. When you click the gamble option, you need to guess the color of the next card in the deck. Correct guess will double or even quadruple your winning, while incorrect guess will swipe it.

Special games are also available in some games. Scatter symbol within the reels can trigger special round that entitles the player into a mini game. Most of the time, this free game is as simple as pick and win. You just need to choose among the given symbols, wherein each has a corresponding hidden amount. You will be able to take home the amount you have selected.